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DentPassPlus is your local, family owned and operated paintless dent and hail removal company. We have been serving your area since 2012 with one thing on our mind, carrying for our customers. We take pride in making sure each and every customer is comfortable and treated right and above all we want you to be happy with your repair. We promise to give our all for each and every repair and to keep you informed along the way. Your vehicle is most likely one of your most expensive assets so we want to go the extra mile to make you feel safe and show that you can trust us with you're ride. 

We understand that getting your car fixed is one of the last things you want to do, we capitalize on this by making the process easiest fo you by keeping you updated 100% of the time and even offer a unique insurance assistance program. With our insurance assistance program we are able to make the insurance claim with you so that you can have an expert on your side. With DentPassPlus you can get your ride in and out in three easy steps:

  •  Call or schedule an appointment with us online
  •  Bring your car and insurance claim if you have it
  •  Leave the rest to us

Here at DentPassPlus we believe in creating a service that is easiest for you. We not only provide an auto hail repair you can trust but our committed team members will be sure to give you expert level representation with your insurance company. Hail happens here in Caste Pines, when it does we want to be there for you, check out our prior repairs if you’re not already convinced of our authentic quality service. 

Top 5 Secrets Of the Hail Repair Industry

  •  Does an Auto Insurance Claim Impact my Insurance Rates?

 - No, an auto hail claim will not raise your rates and covers all extents of your vehicles repair. Hail damage is actually considered an act of god by insurance companies and does not leave you responsible for covering repairs. 

  •  How much does hail repair cost?

- A hail repair can be FREE if you get it done with DentPassPlus. Insurance completely covers your damages except for the deductable which depends on your insurance company. If deductable assisstance is required just ask one of our staff members and we will see what we can do for you!

  • How do I start the hail claim process?

- At DentPassPlus we will help you make the claim if you have not already, all you need is your insurance ID. If you choose to do this process on yor own, the same aplies. You need you insurance ID and a way to make a call. All you have to do is call your insurance and tell them you want to make a hail claim, give them your and the vehicles information, and they can meet us at our shop. Just tell them you want to get your car fixed at DentPassPlus and we can take care of the rest.

  •  How is the hail damage repair performed?

-We use the newest and most advanced Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) technologies to repair your vehicle. Unlike perfoming bodywork and painting your vehicle, PDR is non-invasive and keeps the original paint and panels of your ride. PDR consists of pushing and pulling out highs and lows of each and evry dent on each and every panel. Our technicians use metal tools of all lengths and sizes to reach every part of the vehicle.

  •  Can I fix hail damage myself?

- In short no, trying to repair hail damage yourself is risky and will likely damage your car. There are methods to fix certain dents yourself but won't look like new and could create an oil can effect in your car or even peel away paint! 

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Ask our employees about our special offers to make sure you leave our shop as happy as can be!

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DentPassPlus - PDR and Hail Repair 

Rated Best Hail Repair in Castle Pines DentPassPlus has taken pride in providing Colorado residents with exceptional vehicle service and repairs since 2012. We are a family-owned and operated company that is dedicated to giving you the customer the repair and service that you deserve. We make it our goal to consistently focus on every detail of your repair, from making your insurance claim, to delivery of your vehicle. If you have a hail damaged vehicle, and want expert level representation and repairs, choose the experts at DentPassPlus to repair your vehicle and get the value you deserve from your repair. Our experts use the latest PDR or Paintless Dent Repair, to remove all damage without running any risk to the value of your vehicle.  

Local and Family Owned  

As a local and family owned and operated company, it is a privilege to serve our neighbors in the Castle Pines area. Thank you for choosing to team with us at DentPassPlus. If you are ready to put value and appeal back into your vehicle, give us a call today!

Help With Your Insurance Claim

If there is a chance you have hail damage on your vehicle…

Any time it hails in your area it is always best to check for any hail damage to your assets. Hail damage is not always easy to see especially in broad daylight, it s much easier to see indoors or in a contrast of light. If you are able to see any dents at all, there is more then likely more then you are able to see. The average hail job in Colorado is more then $4000, your car could have even more damage. With that being said, often times people don't even realize they have hail damage. If you see anything out of the ordinary get your car fixed as soon as possible to avoid any losses to your vehicle. 

When filing your auto hail insurance claim…

All you have to do to start the claim process is call your insurance company with your insurance ID and car easily accessible. Tell your insurance company that you want to make an insurance claim and after telling them your information you are almost done. The insurance company will give you a claim number and direct you on how to receive a damage repair estimate for your car. After you receive your estimate you can leave the rest up to us. 

We can help you with the claims process!

At DentPassPlus, we offer a unique insurance assistance program where we can take the hassle of talking to your insurance company away. Schedule an appointment to receive assistance with making the claim, professionals such as our staff can make sure you get proper representation and get you the value you deserve for your repair. 

If you have hail damage on your vehicle and are ready for a repair or want assistance filing a hail claim, get in touch with DentPassPlus today!  



"Their service was awesome! My SUV was damaged by a hail storm and needed extensive repairs. The Dent Pass team assisted every step of the way with the process and always had clear communication. They even met me at the car rental facility to hand off my vehicle. Can't ask for better service. My SUV was repaired perfectly and looked factory new. I highly recommend using Dent Pass and have already told friends about how great they took care of me. If I ever need another vehicle repaired due to hail damage I will definitely use them again. Truly top notch. Thanks for everything!"  

- Sara S.

"Shane is an amazing technician. He's done hail repair on a few vehicles of mine and they turned out far greater than I could have imagined"

- Kristos Kalemanis

"Again wanted to thank you for the great job you did. After wiping it down it's as close to perfect as possible. Good luck in your new location!" 

- Jean Lascot





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